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Biometrics brings convenience, efficiency and fraud protection to Singapore's driving license program. 

Applying for a driving licence in Singapore was previously time-consuming for the applicant and manpower intensive for the Traffic Licensing Branch. As part of a force wide digitalisation effort, the Traffic Licensing Branch sought to make the identity validation process more secure, while improving enrollment efficiency and reducing manpower stationed at each of the driving schools.

As incumbent, SSG had been supporting the Singapore Traffic Police since 2002 when we were awarded the tender to convert all paper based licences to highly durable plastic driving licences, secured against counterfeiting. Already familiar with the department's operational environment and workflow requirements, SSG was well positioned answer the challenge. 

A new eKYC system was deployed to verify a person's identity electronically and with mathematical certainty against a presented identification document. The enrollment process is performed in seconds, from fingerprint capture through matching against the actual identity documents (the NRIC / Work Permit). 

This new deployment has saved nearly 1,500 man-hours of labour per month, eliminating the need for manual workflows and Traffic Licensing Branch to deploy staff at the driving schools. 

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Quality assurance and higher throughput at lower operational cost 

The Singapore Traffic Police sought an end-to-end solution offering highly automated card production  with quality assurance to achieve goals of consistent card quality, higher throughput and lower operational cost. Such a trifecta was achieved by implementing a complete card-to-envelope solution.   

 You may read a more detailed write up here



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