Smart Technology

Build A Smarter Tomorrow

The future is smart. Here at Secur Solutions Group, we have identified four key vertices that we believe will help us live better and work smarter. 

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Smart Glasses

Traditional eyeglasses were created to help those with imperfect vision see better. The proverbial 20/20 vision. Now that we are past the year 2020, eyeglasses have taken a leap forward in the form of smart glasses: marrying wireless connectivity and the computing power of smart phones with lightweight frames of modern eyewear. 

We now harness the power of Augmented reality and Hands free computing in remote auditing, healthcare, logistics, real estate management and sports coaching.


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Smart Vending

The smart vending machine that have become more and more ubiquitous and is lightyears ahead of the ordinary snack dispensers most of us grew up with. 

Vending technology has and continues to evolve quickly with smarter vending machines that not only eschews cash to transact by way of digital payment, but also interacts with the customer through video, audio and gesture control. 

Vending technology meets Identity in this space and has a large bearing on the sale and distribution of controlled items like alcohol and medication with wide reaching legal and social benefits.  

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Access Control

For the plugged-in modern individual, there is a desire to be part of a fully integrated ecosystem that makes living in our hyper-connected world more seamless, convenient and efficient. A smart building management system that combines smart controls (via IoT) and community management in a single mobile interface.

 Habitap is Asia's first fully integrated smart living management system for homes, commercial properties and offices. 

Bank grade security software from SSG helps Habitap ensure that access to each home and occupant is safe and secure.

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Artificial Intelligence

Experience is a lifelong teacher, but harnessing data can add untold depth to that learning experience.

Our partner Faktion (headquartered in Belgium), believes that A.I. delivers tremendous value when applied to support and fulfil business objectives. To that effect, we combine our expertise in the identity to create applications primed for, but not limited to identity, logistics, transport, eldercare and banking. 

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Seeing Retail in a smarter way: The case for Smart Glass in retail. 

After smart phones, what's next? There's a lot still up in the air about the next big device, but for sure, smart glasses is right up there as the next ubiquitous device each of us will own in the soon to arrive future. 

Here, our smart glasses are featured in the 360sses Quarterly. Read the full article here

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